Finish a Room With Confidence, in a Style That's All Your Own

without hiring a designer!

In just 4 weeks, learn how to use what you have to add the layers of personality and character that have been missing from your decorating efforts.  No experience necessary.

Hi!  I'm Zandra.

If you spend your spare time drooling over homes in design magazines, and on Instagram and Pinterest, you have already made the connection between a beautiful environment and a happy life.  

And maybe you've heard all about the emotional, physical and spiritual benefits of things like decluttering, choosing the right color palates, and setting up a good "flow" in your rooms.  

So you get the idea that our well being can be enhanced (or deflated) by the aesthetic qualities of our homes.  



about creating a beautiful, meaningful home:


  • You don't have to spend a ton of money.

    You don't have to wait for a bigger home, the right balance in your bank account, or an unexpected windfall from an eccentric aunt.  Style is developed through considered choices, not expensive objects.
  • The most beautiful homes don't adhear to one, specific style category.

    Which means, you can use what you already have.  All of those hand-me-downs are what everyone else is looking for on Craig's List.
  • Creativity is a muscle to be toned.

    Creativity is, at its core, a matter of solving dilemmas in a beautiful, functional way.  And you have the ability to practice and learn it!  You just need to know how to recognize what works and what doesn't.

So you get why creating a beautiful, meaningful home would make you happy.

What you still don't know is HOW to do this without a degree in interior design!

Create a Dream Home Without An Unlimited Budget or Making Expensive Mistakes?  

[Sounds like a pipe dream.  Or worse... a scam!  But hear me out...]

Most people haven't learned which decor choices align with specific feelings they want to achieve or avoid.  

They've spent a lot of time choosing their big ticket items but spend almost no time thinking about the small ones, the details.  

They think that decorating their homes happens in one, great big focused period of hyper-shopping, rather than something that evolves with smaller efforts over time. 

And then they don't understand why it feels stale or uninspired in a matter of months.  

Well, there are some good reasons why your efforts may have failed you in the past.  

When you look at homes you're drawn to most, you might not know that the underlying design principle these home owners have nailed is their ability to master the mix. 

  • Homes where each room seems to feel effortlessly pulled together while not looking like they've come straight from a catalogue. 
  • Homes where each room flows easily, encourages conversation, inspires creativity and makes everyone feel relaxed. 

And it's all based on the premise that being a person with multiple layers to who you are, your home is naturally going to be eclectic.  The key is knowing how to mix it all together.  

4 Reasons Why You've Been Stuck in Your Design Efforts

1. Confusion

You haven't known how to incorporate what you already have with new things you've bought.  

2. Fear

You've spent money and then felt guilty about it when something doesn't work.  Now you're afraid to make any other decisions.

3. Overwhelm

You've been sucked down the rabbit hole of online shopping where the choices are endless (and therefore paralyzing). 

4. Doubt

You think you need to get rid of the stuff you should actually be keeping and hold on to the stuff you should really let go. 

Now I'm gonna tell you a dirty little secret that the disposable decor industry doesn't want you to know...

Your home feels incomplete NOT because you haven't bought enough stuff.  Or the "right" stuff.  It has nothing to do with buying anything.  

Your home feels incomplete because you haven't learned the key to good decision making, the foundations of design principles that will work with your particular home, the system of using what you already have, or the skills you need to mix it all together.  

And THIS is what I want to teach you how to do.  

 "Working with Zandra means I now have confidence in my own style. 

The process of renovating and choosing furniture was overwhelming but because Zandra really listened, she helped figure out what brought me joy and peace. 

We then connected that to different design elements, brought it all together, and I'm truly living in my dream home!"

---Nikki, Wayland MA

"I first got to know Zandra through the Style Matters podcast and became a fan. Then I met her in person at a style retreat and became a super fan! 

Zandra connects and engages with you like an old friend. She encourages you like a favorite teacher and inspires you to think creatively to create a meaningful home. 

Thanks to Zandra and her podcast, I now have the confidence to create a home that is a reflection of who I am and not just what a ‘big box’ store has curated for me.

She has so many generous ideas in her use-what-you-have approach to decorating that inspires me to be creative yet also resourceful."

---Leona , Bedford, TX


Master The Mix  

How to Culitive Your Signature Style, Using What You Already Have, One Room at a Time

Registration Open June 1-11, 2020

Course starts June 17


Over the past 5 years, I've learned from: 

  • 200+ interviews with top interior designers
  • Experiences I've had with one-on-one clients
  • Leading 4 successful design retreats...

And I've pulled together a process that will help you see actual changes in your home without taking too much time or costing too much money. 

The end result:

You'll finish a room that's been bothering you, or felt incomplete in some way, using your newly defined personal aesthetic. 

In that room, you'll feel comfortable, confident, cared for and creative.  (That's a lot of Cs!)

Master The Mix is the ONLY program of its kind where you will:

  • Create a foundation for making smart decor and design decisions
  • Get the benefits of both one-on-one advice from me, plus inspiration from a group of people who are equally as excited about their homes as you are about yours 
  • Learn how to spend wisely and use what you already have
  • Practice the art of layering used by stylists and designers to personalize a room with a specific aesthetic... yours!


So if you’re ready to finally use your room as a visual autobiography reflecting and supporting your best self...

Here's how I'll help you get there:


How To Make Design Decisions

Stop the overwhelm and learn to trust yourself!

Lesson Highlights:

  • Learn the proper way to assess your room (and yourself) to get what you really want from your space
  • Learn how to identify your goals and determine what you need to do to achieve them



Connecting The Dots

Learn how to connect your lifestyle goals to design elements.

Lesson Highlights:

  • Create a design plan for your home based on what you've discovered in Week 1  
  • Learn basic principles of design, when and where to use them, and when to break the rules!



Big Design Decisions in Action

Learn how to connect your lifestyle goals to design elements.

Lesson Highlights:

  • Learn about focal points, furniture arrangement and flow (and choose them for your room)
  • Participate in a Hot Seat session and get all your big design questions answered in a Live Q&A



How to Master The Mix

This is where it all comes together and your room begins to sing! 

Lesson Highlights:

  • Learn the principles of creating a layered, lived-in home that reflects who you are now and who you want to become.  
  • You'll create vignettes using design "rules" you've learned, plus the confidence to break them when you want to.  
  • Participate in a second Hot Seat/Live Q&A to make sure you're getting all the help you need to finish that room!

The Little Yellow Couch Promise

Now, what if the methods and systems I share with you still don't move the needle toward your ultimate goal, which is to create an environment that supports your very best self? 

Because I really believe in the principles I'm teaching and I've seen them work for myself and others, my promise to you is that if, after watching all of the videos, filling out the worksheets and following the action items, you don't end up with a room that feels awesome, you will get your money back.  

You can definitely do this.  You just haven't had this kind of guidance before.  Once you have it, you'll own it.

I honestly want everyone who takes this course to feel successful!  

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today


Master The Mix:

6 Video Lessons, Worksheets, 2 Live Q&As/Hotseats

$500 Value


  •  Unlimited one-on-one responses from me for 6 weeks - $100 Value
  • Bonus lesson on how to create a "props kit" to keep all of your decorative items organized and ready to use - $100 Value

Total Value: $700

 But when you enroll today, you’ll get everything for the


(The regular price goes up to $247 on June 9)


Frequently Asked Questions

Your time and money are valuable! I get it! So in case you're still on the fence, here's some more info. Click on any of the arrows to see the answers.

I hear you.  I've only taken a few online courses myself and I've always been nervous about the tech.  That's why I've invested in a really smart, user-friendly online course platform called Kajabi.  It has given me a format that ensures student success by being super clear in its instruction and presenting material in an organized fashion.  I'm confident that the folks at Kajabi know what they're doing but if you ever need help, my team and I will be there if you get stuck.

Boy, do I get that!  I can't stand it when any kind of lesson goes on and on in a rambling sort of way and my time is wasted.  So I've done a ton of editing on each lesson to make sure I'm giving you all of the meat without any of the fat!  I'll get to the point, give you all of the necessary info to get you through the lesson along with actionable steps for you to take in the shortest amount of time possible.  None of the videos are more than 15 minutes.  On top of that, if you'd prefer to listen to the lesson instead of watching it, or if you prefer to read it, you'll be able to download just the audio, the transcription and/or the slide deck!

Well, I beg to differ on the part about you not being "good" at these things.  It's not that you aren't creative.  It's that you haven't been shown how to think creatively when it come to design.  Not everyone has an intuitive "eye" for design.  But plenty of people have figured out how to make these decisions and pull together a beautiful room by getting crystal clear on what pleases them, personally.  And that's something you'll learn and do in this course.

This course was created with this particular issue in mind.  So many people I've talked to tell me that their lives are crazy and full and that's one of the reasons they haven't put energy into their homes.  That's why we're focusing on finishing a room rather than doing a full, soup-to-nuts course on interior design.  You can expect to spend anywhere from 1 - 4 hours on the course each week.  So on the long end, you'd spend about 16 hours total.  It's designed to be broken up across 4 weekends, and most of the time, you'd spend an average of 1 hour a day for two days out of the week on getting things done.

You could totally finish your entire room without spending another dime.  It's up to you.  We're not focusing on buying any new big ticket items, that's for sure.  But you may end up wanting to buy a bin to organize something, change a paint color or pick up a new plant as you reimagine your space.  You may even want to purchase a design book I recommend as added inspiration.  But   spending any more money beyond the cost of the course is definitely not required. 

Master The Mix is perfect for you if:

  • You're already obsessed with your home (or want to love it to pieces)
  • You know that improving your environment will improve other areas of your life
  • You can devote a couple of hours for 4 weekends to make some changes
  • You're willing to do a bit of soul searching mixed with some actual heavy lifting (bins, furniture, etc)
  • You're sick and tired of living with a room that doesn't feel finished
  • You've tried to decorate and haven't been happy with your results

If you said "YES, that's me!" to any of the above, I can't wait to meet you inside Master The Mix!




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