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Your chances of being invited onto the show are much better if you read and follow these guidelines!

  • We are NOT about the business of design, nor do we teach designers how to build their client list.  We will not be able to respond to any submissions in this area.
  • Many people who reach out to us have beautiful portfolios with dreamy photos.  But since this is a podcast and not a visual medium, what we're looking for are stories.  We need to know more about you than your portfolio.
  • We're looking at what you can do for our listeners, not what the podcast can do for you. Of course we want our guests to get all kinds of great traction from their episode (it’s free publicity, and we do a lot of promotion). But these interviews need to be helpful to those who listen every week.
  • This podcast is about WHY style matters.  In other words, what does the cultivation of a personal aesthetic do for us as human beings.  We're looking for how you articulate your philosophy of life + design.  
  • Each episode needs to have a recognizable angle or point of view that the guest is sharing.  Think in terms of what you can teach, your methods, your examples, your ah-ha moments that you’d like to share.  
  • We want to know how your approach and/or thought process is different from everyone else's.

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