How to Choose Color Without A Degree in Interior Design

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During this live workshop, you will learn:

My #1 method for choosing a no-fail color palate

The REAL reason choosing color is so hard

The 3 biggest pitfalls in choosing color and how to avoid them

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About the Workshop

I'm going to show you that choosing color does not have to be a mystery! By the end of our time together, you're going to know exactly how to go about it.

Have color regrets lingering in your past? I've been in your shoes. Knowing specifically why we've been unhappy is something no one talks about. Therefore, we keep making the same mistakes because we don't know how to apply what we've learned from one project to the next.

We're going to not only uncover the 3 biggest pitfalls you and I have made many times, I'll show you how to avoid them.

It all starts with a shift in mindset. Namely, that you can choose color without a fancy degree in interior design!

This value packed intensive training is FREE and includes:

  • A live training where I walk you through the process of choosing colors for your room
  • Live Q&A (and I'll stay on with you until ALL of your questions are answered)
  • A special bonus opportunity for those who can show up live

“What if I can't attend the live workshop but still want all of this juicy info?"

I want you to sign up even if you know you can't make it! Why? Because that's the only way you'll have access to the replay. Once the workshop is over, I'll email the video to you so you can watch it on your own time. And that's certainly better than not getting your hands on the info at all, right?

That said, there are some really good reasons to attend live if you can. First, you'll simply get more out of it because you've made a commitment to yourself and your home. Attending live means you'll be more focused and motivated to DO something with what you're learning. Second, you'll be able to ask questions in real time and get my undivided attention to your specific dilemmas. And third, there's a special bonus for everyone who shows up live! HOWEVER, I know life is busy and time zones aren't always in our favor! So sign up, no matter what.

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Meet Your Color Guide

Zandra Zuraw is the founder of Little Yellow Couch, an interior design coaching platform for everyday home lovers. She's also the host of the popular podcast, Style Matters, which has logged in over 200 interviews with the most creative people working in the interiors industry. With 25+ years of experience teaching herself how to create beautiful, meaningful homes, she has developed her own step-by-step Slow Style approach to teaching others how to do the same. Along with free workshops, Zandra also teaches an online course called "Master The Mix," a monthly membership called "The Slow Style Society," and hosts in-person signature style retreats.

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