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This week is an episode of On The Little Yellow Couch (OTLYC) where it's just you and me.  I'm going to share my Slow Style philosophy, which I've developed as a framework for you to create a beautiful, meaningful home.  I'll explain what Slow Style means to me, and introduce 3 Pillars of Slow Style.  They are:

1. Style Evolves

2. Creativity Leads to...

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Book Review: Simply Spaced


Simply Spaced: Clear the Clutter and Style Your Life by Monica Leed is a favorite organizing book because she also takes into consideration styling your home along with offering tips and tools for tidy-ness.  

Monica first explains the why behind getting organized (which I always find helpful so that I remember my purpose when I'm knee-deep in bins, discards, labels, brooms and...

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