Design Inspiration from Literature with Lisa Borgnes Giramonte


Sometimes you come across an author who's book resonates with you so deeply you have to share it with everyone you know and anyone who will listen.  That's how we feel about our guest, Lisa Borgnes Giramonti and her book, "Novel Interiors".  The subtitle is "Living in Enchanted Interiors Inspired by Literature," These spaces aren't literal representations but rather, homes...

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We are delighted to have Desha Peacock, author of "Create The Style You Crave On A Budget You Can Afford" on the Style Matters podcast this week.  Desha has a lot of wisdom to impart when it comes to creating a home that looks more beautiful than what you see in the fancy magazines.  She does this by encouraging us to incorporate so much of our own selves...

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How To Display A Collection


We're in the middle of March and for some people, that means March Madness (something about basketball), but for us, it means we're going stir crazy with drizzly, damp, gray weather.  What better way to get out of the doldrums than to start planning a few trips to go antiquing!  

Mid-century modern furnishings at ReNew Arts & Industry , Natick, MA

Mid-century modern furnishings at ReNew Arts & Industry, Natick, MA

A lot of...

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5 Ways To Layer Rugs


Is your space suffering from outdated wall-to-wall carpeting? Are you bored with what's underfoot?  Are you looking for a way to update a room that's a little different?  

As seens on Street Scene Vintage

As seens on Street Scene Vintage


Here at Modernize, we used to feel the exact same way, until we realized that there was a special trick that could free us from the monotony of a...

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