Paige Hull The Vintage Round Top

This week I'm talking with Paige Hull of The Vintage Round Top, a beautiful retreat space in the heart of antiquer's heaven in Round Top, TX.  Paige and her husband Smoot have put a lot of love and soul into it, starting with a gut renovation of the first house, "No. 1450," and then adding another they call "Boho," and most recently two small cottages named after their children, The Pierce and The Eisley.   This magical place is where you can join me on the next Little Yellow Couch style retreat so be sure to check that out on the website, but today, I really wanted to give Paige the floor to share why and how she designs her homes with antiques.  If you're a true vintage lover, this episode will naturally resonate with you.  But if you skew more modern, I'm particularly excited for you to hear what Paige has to say.  Because I think she and Smoot have really nailed it when it comes to incorporating a few chipped and scarred pieces in the most clean-lined, minimalist of spaces.  Proving antiques really are for everyone.  


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A shopping a large antiques fairs:

Check out Paige’s super helpful guide to Round Top Antiques Week. In it, she talks about making your way around this particular show but also offers advice on how to plan for any type of large antiques fair.

I also have a guide that offers some additional tips, including ideas on choosing a shopping strategy to keep you focused. These shows are overwhelming so it helps to have a plan!


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