Trusting Your Gut & Finding Joy with Tiffany Brown


I have a lot of professional designers on the show but I'm also inspired by people who are just really good at making their homes their own, without any training.  Tiffany Brown is my guest today and she's the blogger behind My Eclectic Nest, which she does simply for her own pleasure, when she's not working her regular, full time job.  What I want to highlight from this conversation is that Tiffany's approach really exemplifies the second two principles of Slow Style, which are: Creativity Leads to Confidence and Life Informs Style. 

Broadly speaking, Tiffany has spent years paying attention to the details she's drawn to in terms of color, pattern, and how an environment makes her feel.  Which means, she knows what she loves.  So when she gets creative she's trying out different colors and patterns she's seen to get to a feeling she wants to experience.  That's what the second principle, Creativity Leads to Confidence, is all about.  I'm sure you heard the confidence in her voice.  She has developed her eye without any formal training simply by being willing to play, over and over again.  Alright, second, she lives in a real home, with real people, leading real lives.  Which means, her home isn't perfect.  She's got budget limitations to work with.  She's got a full time job.  In other words, she's like the rest of us in that her life has to inform her style, which is the 3rd Slow Style principle.  Work with what you have going on in your life at the moment.  She loved having a laundry room on the second floor but for the first 6 years she lived there, other rooms in her home took priority.  Having the laundry on the 2nd floor allowed her to take advantage of the convenience of it, which was probably a god send when you have 3 teenagers living at home, but it took awhile before she had the time to turn a convenient, utilitarian space into a room she wanted to go into.  That's why I love Slow Style.  It takes the pressure off.  And here's another example of the 3rd principle, Life Informs Style:  She wasn't about to do a major reno of her master bathroom.  Like she said, it was a new build when they moved in so it's in good shape, so a major reno was hard to justify.  But she hated the tile and the vanity.  The vanity was pretty easy to transform with paint, but she wasn't going to spend the money on ripping out all of that tile.  So instead, she worked with it and figured out how to make it recede into the background.  Her design choices were based on creating a spa-like feeling, an oasis she craved, to fit her life situation as it is right now.   

Ok, back to Tiffany.  She's been rolling up her sleeves, doing a lot of makeovers room by room and creating a beautiful home in New Jersey in ways that are so energizing to me.  In fact, when you hear her talking, the joy she experiences is so infectious, I want all of you to feel the same way in your homes!  And I truly hope this podcast is inspiring you in that way.  Here we go!  




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