Decorating 101 with Melissa Michaels

how to decorate Mar 02, 2020

Many of you may already be familiar with my guest this week.  Melissa Michaels is the blogger behind The Inspired Room and author of many books, my favorites being "Love The Home You Have," and "Make Room For What You Love."  She has just come out with a new book, "But Where Do I Put The Couch?  Answers to 100 Other Home Decorating Questions," which she co-authored with KariAnne Wood.  I had the pleasure of meeting KariAnne at a conference several years ago and then had her on the show.  So I was delighted to see that she was pairing up with Melissa Michaels.  And since I've wanted to have Melissa on the show for years, I was thrilled when we got her on the calendar.  Let's get started.  


Photos from The Inspired Room



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