Understanding Color with Rockett St. George

Extraordinary Interiors In Colour 

My guest today is one half of the partnership behind Rockett St George, which is a fanciful interiors shop that has a home in Liberty's of London as well as an extensive inventory online.  Jane Rockett (on the left), along with Lucy St George, have taken their passion for all things home and written two great books on "Extraordinary Interiors," the newest one being all about color.  In this conversation, Jane explains the two ingredients that make up color confidence: one is understanding how the color wheel works, and the other is understanding color theory rules so that you can break them intentionally if needed, to be true to yourself.  


Color Wheel Basics

Use the wheel to build confidence so that you can copy OR break the rules, depending on the feeling you're trying to evoke.  Below are the basic color schemes mentioned in the book, "Extraordinary Interiors In Colour" by Jane Rockett & Lucy St. George.

Complimentary Colors are directly opposite one another on the wheel


  • #1, #7
  • #11, #5

Split Complimentary Colors are when you take one color, find its opposite, and then choose the two colors to the right and left of that color.  


  • #3, #8, #10
  • #12, #7, #5

Tertiary Colors are 3 colors that are equidistant from each other around the wheel.


  • #1, #5, #9
  • #10, #2, #6

Analogous Colors are next to each other on the color wheel.


  • #1, #2
  • #7, #8, #9

A Monochromatic Color Scheme refers to choosing all (or several) of the shades within one color.  For example, on this wheel, you'd choose the light, medium and dark shades of just #12.  

 From "Extraordinary Interiors In Colour"

by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George
Published by Ryland Peters & Small, Photography by Catherine Gratwicke

Photography by Catherine Gratwicke

Photography by Catherine Gratwicke

Photography by Catherine Gratwicke


Rockett St. George inside Liberty's of London 


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