Pulling Inspiration from Travel with Found & Collected Design

It's mid summer, but we're still trying to keep our distance from each other and many of us have canceled our travel plans so this summer is a bit of a bummer.   Which is why it might be extra important right now to bring our vacations to us if we can't go to them.  My guest this week is Sarah Ramirez of Found & Collected Design and her inspiration comes mostly from traveling, taking in the colors, patterns, textures, landscapes of the places she visits and bringing those cross cultural experiences into her work once she's back home in California.  In fact, front and center on her homepage she says your home should reflect where your family is from, places you've been and plan to go.  So with that in mind, at the end of this episode I'm going to share how I'm interpreting that and a few ideas for you to use, too, if you'd like.  

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