Design Inspiration from Literature with Lisa Borgnes Giramonte

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2016

Sometimes you come across an author who's book resonates with you so deeply you have to share it with everyone you know and anyone who will listen.  That's how we feel about our guest, Lisa Borgnes Giramonti and her book, "Novel Interiors".  The subtitle is "Living in Enchanted Interiors Inspired by Literature," These spaces aren't literal representations but rather, homes that reflect the feelings, tenor, attitudes, and personalities of the environments created by great authors.  Lisa opened our eyes to the connection between how we feel when we fall into a book that completely absorbs us and how we develop and express our personal style.  She shows us that falling in love with a story is how we want to feel when we walk through the rooms of our homes.  In addition to being a terrific writer, Lisa is also a very talented artist.  Her work primarily focuses on large scale embroidery projects that look like old school country samplers, with a modern, feminist sensibility.  We are so excited to share Lisa Borgnes Giramonti with you!


The Book

Novel Interiors: Living in Enchanted Rooms Inspired by Literature 

by Lisa Borgnes Giramonte 


Lisa's Home


Lisa's Large Scale Embroidery Artwork


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