How To Get Your Spouse on Board with Your Ideas

how to Nov 30, 2020



Today I have a very special guest whom I sought out after hearing from so many of you about your struggles with the other humans you live with.  Specifically, you've been telling me that your biggest struggle when it comes to your home is getting your spouse or partner on board with whatever it is you want to do!  So let me introduce you to Sarie Taylor.  She's a psychotherapist who has created all kinds of resources for people who want to live a happy, fulfilled life by shifting their mindset, rather than trying to bend the world to their will.  She offers online courses, monthly memberships and hosts the Perfectly Imperfect podcast, which you should go listen to as soon as you're done here!   Today, I'm asking Sarie Taylor about 4 of the biggest sources of conflict between spouses or partners when it comes to our homes.  They are: money, time, self expression (meaning what to do when the two of you are clashing over what colors and styles to use in your home), and sentimentality, (meaning what to do when one person thinks the other person is a hoarder).  But let's hear from Sarie directly about what she does.  Here we go.  


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