Leaning In to the Outrageous with Divine Savages

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2020

Joining me today are Jamie Watkins and Tom Kennedy of Divine Savages.  Together they produce lines of wallpaper and fabric that are both a bit outrageous in terms of color, pattern, and even subject matter, but with such attention paid to the smallest detail that when you look close there's a delicate beauty to their designs as well.  We'll talk about the patterns themselves and their recent collaboration with the Natural History Museum in London, the first time ever that the Museum has sold wallpaper based on their rarified collection.  We'll also get a peek inside Tom & Jamie's home, which they use as a bit of a laboratory for ideas.  I'm now dying to meet these guys in person because you can tell they'd be fabulous hosts and we'd have a lot of fun together.  I think you're going to want to meet them too! 


Divine Savage Designs

Photo by Oliver Thomas



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