You Don't Know What You Can Do Until You Do What You Haven't Done Before

I recorded this interview with Bertille de Lestrade a few months ago but I've been saving it specifically to wrap up this season of the podcast, and, I think it puts a lovely, warm bow on top of our year.  That's because Bertille is the kind of person whom you sit with, share a cup of cocoa and smile the whole time she's talking.  So I hope that if you're driving around, you'll grab a warm drink from Starbucks or brew a pot of tea at home and savor this conversation as much as I have.  Bertille de Lestrade is an artist and I talk about how I found her during the episode, so I won't go into that here. For now, I just want to describe her work so that you can picture what we're referring to when we start talking about it.  Darling Toutim is the name of her etsy shop (it's also @darlingtoutim on Instagram) and this is where she primarily shares her sculptural and mixed media pieces.  Her other instagram account is called Cette Maison Bleue, and that's where she showcases her paintings of private interiors... living rooms, bedrooms, etc. and that's why I wanted her to come on the show... to talk about the connection she makes between art and interior design.  But this conversation turned out to be a whole lot more than that.  Bertille has such a generous spirit about her.  We do talk about her work as an artist, of course, be we also talk about coming through to the other side of depression, developing self confidence, and finding beauty in the world, as well as putting beauty into it.  

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