Secrets From a Pro Stylist: Becki Griffin

You are going to love our guest this week!  We talk with Becki Griffin, stylist for major shelter magazines, interior decorator, and the blogger behind Curious Details.  Becky is one of the funniest people we’ve had on the show, and you’re going to feel like you’ve made a terrific friend by the end of the interview.  She’s also a straight shooter when it comes to what she likes and doesn’t like about home decor trends, bucking up against your fears, and not taking everything so seriously when it comes to making choices.  We love her and we think you will too!


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Becki's Work with Holly Mathis Interiors


Becki's Work for Country Living Magazine

Styling Becki Griffin, Photograph Annie Schlechter for Country Living Magazine

Styling by Becki Griffin Photo by Buff Strickland for Country Living Magazine


Becki's Home in Better Homes & Gardens

Becki Griffin's Home Office : Photographed by Brian McWeeney, Styled by Janna Lufkin for BH&G Magazine.



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