Art & Rugs: The Missing Links with Impeccable Nest


Emma Carole Paradis is one half of the design power-duo, Impeccable Nest.  But her other half in the case, isn't just a business partner or a spouse, it's her mom, Kimberly Carole!  And you're about to hear their story.  You'll also hear us talking a lot about art.  And rugs.  And art.  Because it turns out, both Emm and I belive that rugs and art are key to pulling a room together!  There's so much in this interview that I resonate with, in fact, it was kind of surreal as we were talking because Emma kept saying things that are perfectly aligned with the master the mix course!  Obviously, I've found a kindred spirit.  Let's go!



Episode Intro:

Hello and welcome to the SM podcast, brought to you by LYC.  I'm Zandra, your host and I'm so glad you're here.  This past week in the U.S., there has been a lot of pain, frustration, and anger over the inequalities that persist in our country and the violence that our black communities in particular have faced for centuries.  But there's also been a lot of listening.  White people are starting to get that our voices sometimes drown out the voices of people of color.  And often, we're oblivious that we're even doing it.  Because of the #amplifymelanatedvoices and the #muted, I have been able to quiet my presence on social media and, in turn, find, see and hear accounts that are new to me.  I plan on continuing to listen to and seek out designers, stylists and artists of color to share with you on this podcast.  There have been far too few of them on my show.  My hope is that, through listening to stories from people who don't look like white America, knowledge will replace ignorance, understanding will replace fear and love will replace hate.  We are all human, with the same desire for happiness, safety and prosperity.  But we are not all afforded equal access to those things or the privilege of pursuing our dreams without fear for our lives.  It's honestly not my intent to give a lecture here, for one thing, I'm not qualified!  And you may not have tuned in today to hear me saying all of this.  And we will get to the subject of home.  I'm simply sharing a few of my thoughts from this past week because if there's one thing I've learned, it's that this call for justice needs to come from me just as much as it needs to come from any person of color.  If silence has equaled assent, it's my job to not be silent.  


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