Since so much of my actual home is represented on this website, I like to think that I really am welcoming you into my home while you're clicking around. 

If you were here in person, I'd arrange some fresh flowers, offer you something to drink, lay out something to nibble on (using my vintage china) and get down to chatting about stuff that's important to both of us.  

Want a house tour?

I'm starting to add photos of our home if you want to check them out!

Check it out

Here's what's important

to me:

Being grateful.

Sounds hokey. But I think it's a great way to look at every situation we get in to. Just stopping for a moment to notice what I'm grateful for gives me a reality check, lifts my mood, and kicks me in the butt.

Being kind as often as possible.

(And we all know it's possible. It's just that sometimes we're in a bad mood). Kindness is free to give. It's so easy to do. And it turns every interaction we have into something that feels great.

Being real.

Because, hey, I just turned 50.  And it this point, why bother trying to be something you're not? And why try to pretend you're perfect or have all the answers. If I haven't achieved those things by now, I'm never going to. But that's the beauty of it. Once you turn 50, you realize that perfection isn't what you actually wanted in the first place. And I'd much rather hang out with you as my real self than pretending to be better or different than who I am.  And hopefully, that will make you feel like you can be real, too.

My home and my family.

Like almost everyone, to say that my family is important to me would be a huge understatement.  And I'll talk about them from time to time on the podcast.  But this isn't a parenting website or a relationship website so I don't dwell on my family too much here.  For now, I'll just let you know that my husband's name is Pete and we have two boys. Our oldest is 18 and in college. Our youngest is 16 and has some learning disabilities. I say that because if you also have a child with learning disabilities you know that you're living a very different parenting journey than other people. And I think it's important to connect with each other and not feel so isolated. So there you go.

As for my home, it's where I practice creativity. I'm not a painter.  I'm not a novelist.  I was an actor for awhile (but that's another story).  And I'm definitely not a singer. (Totally tone deaf).  But even though I'm none of these things, I can't separate my core self from creativity and so that's where my home comes in.  Developing my personal aesthetic and visually manifesting my autobiography IS my art.  And that's what I want to help you do, too.

How can I help?

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