Hi! I'm Zandra.

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One thing I love to do is entertain,

So come on in!

Since so much of my actual home is represented on this website, I like to think that I really am welcoming you into my home while you're clicking around. 

If you were here in person, I'd arrange some fresh flowers, offer you something to drink, lay out something to nibble on (using my vintage china) and get down to chatting about stuff that's important to both of us.  

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More about me:

I've been obsessed with interior design long before I knew any such profession or scope of interest existed.  In elementary school, I started with my closet.  I turned it into a NYC apartment.  I decorated for every single holiday (flag day, arbor day... everything).  Setting up, organizing and decorating a space was my favorite part of every pretend career I played at.  And boy, did I love trying on new careers!  From teenager to young adult, I went from ballet dancer to actress to anthropology grad student to environmental public policy to college career counselor.  I was one of those people who just couldn't find something that stuck.   But for every move I made, there was a new apartment to decorate.  And THAT was awesome.

After marrying and having kids and discovering that one of them has some intense learning disabilities, my life revolved around parenting for awhile.  Once my kids were in school,  I had a smidgen of time for myself and wanted to get my groove back.  Time to revisit my never-ending quest to find a career that clicked. 

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