New Workshop from Little Yellow Couch:


3 Keys to Unlocking Your Signature Style

without being a creative genius or spending a dime!

In This Workshop



Why Your Previous Decorating Efforts Have Failed

[And what you can do differently next time]


Why You Need a Beautiful Home

[And no... it's not a frivolous desire]


How to Develop Your Signature Style

[Without moving, breaking the bank or hiring a designer]

We spend a lot of time and money trying to make our homes look beautiful.

But sometimes we loose sight of why we're doing this. 

And without the "why" comes "who cares, why bother, and maybe next year." 

So we continue living in homes that are not giving us what we need. 

And you know what? That's a huge waste of your biggest investment! 

And I'm not talking about your home as your investment. 

I'm talking about YOU and how you invest in yourself. 

The problem is, the way we've been setting up and decorating our homes so that we can be our best selves isn't working. 

This workshop is for you if...

  • you've never been able to articulate your style
  • you don't have a creative bone in your body
  • you don't have the money to buy what's on trend, let alone what you see in Elle Decor
  • you have no idea how all of your hand-me-downs, Ikea pieces, and that antique dresser you found at the flea market will all go together

A Personal Welcome from Zandra...

I've spent almost 10 years working in the interior design world.  Not as a trained interior designer, but as a regular homeowner who loves beauty, comfort and surrounding myself with meaningful, inspiring spaces. 

I've done everything from creating and selling decor products, to research and writing about design, to leading small group style retreats, to interviewing almost 200 of the top designers working today for the Style Matters Podcast. 

I've also used three homes and two apartments as my personal laboratory for developing my own, signature style over the past 25 years.  And I've learned a lot.

If you're ready to make lasting changes to your home that resonate with who you are and fill your days with beauty, I can't wait to help you get there!  

Choose the time that works best for you and we'll get this party started!

xoxo Zandra