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You want a beautiful home, but...

  • You've wasted hours searching for furniture.
  • You've been overwhelmed with too many choices.
  • You don't want a home that looks like everyone else's, but you're not sure how to pull together that "eclectic" look where all of your different styles mix together perfectly.
  • And you're definitely tired of spending money only to see your purchases end up in the donation bin because you regret buying them or you get bored with them so quickly!

How would you feel if you could...

  • * Choose colors, patterns and accessories with confidence?
  • * Arrange furniture in ways that helped you feel connected to friends and family?
  • * Display your passions, values and dreams creatively so that your home reflected your signature style?

Hi, I'm Zandra.

And I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed with choices and not know where to start.

Over the past 25 years I've taught myself how to make design decisions and create homes that tell a story. And in the last 6 years, I've been hosting the Style Matters podcast, interviewing over 250 of the top designers in the business.

Through this, I've created a framework so you can put all of this knowledge to work in your own home.

I call it Slow Style.

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Thanks to Zandra, I now have the confidence to create a home that is a reflection of who I am and not just what a ‘big box’ store has curated for me. She has so many generous ideas in her use-what-you-have approach to decorating that they inspire me to be creative yet also resourceful.

— Leona S.


The Slow Style Approach

Slow Style is a framework for developing your signature style over time. First you align your aesthetic with the ins and outs of daily life, then get in the habit of practicing creativity, and finally allow your style to evolve along with who you are becoming.


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